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One of my favorite people was just hired by American Bridge, his dream job, and perhaps because of this I find my fascination with bridges growing by the day.  Truthfully though, I have always loved bridges allowing us to see some of the things we love most from angles we might never have considered.
Isn’t life like that?  Scattered throughout our lives we run in to challenges that require us (almost force us) to see life from a different angle.  Somehow we must  negotiate a way through the tough stuff, and I guess that is where “bridges” come to our rescue.  My favorite bridge to contemplate the world from is an old railroad bridge that has been converted in to a bike trail bridge. As I gaze at the river below, my own life challenges seem to be something I can look at from a different angle — something I can negotiate — and there’s always a fresh start –right on the other side of the bridge.

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